Number one Apex Legends Mobile player is hacking & advertising cheats

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The number one Apex Legends Mobile player in Predator has been caught using cheats and is even advertising hacks in their name.

Just like Apex Legends on PC and console, Apex Mobile suffers from a huge amount of cheaters who use third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over their foes.

These hacks usually come in the form of aimbots, enhanced movement, or even the ability to see every enemy on the map.

Well, the hacking problem has got so severe on Mobile that the number one player is openly advertising cheats in their name and instantly wiping out players at the beginning of ranked matches.

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Apex Legends Mobile players are convinced the game’s anti-cheat isn’t working.

Number one Apex Legends Mobile Predator is openly cheating

Taking to Twitter on January 1, Apex Mobile YouTuber icyiosYT showcased a clip of them and their entire squad being instantly wiped out by a cheater at the beginning of a match.

The hacker managed to kill all three players before they hit the ground and after further inspection, icy realized that the hacker is actually the number one ranked player on Apex Mobile.

With 21,507 RP in Predator, it’s clear this cheater has been abusing third-party software for a long time while dodging any punishment.

Not only that, the player is opening advertising a cheating website in their name, but is still holding the top spot on the ladder.

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A lot of the community are convinced that “this proves there is 0 anti-cheat” and that there is “there is no actual banning system” to detect third-party software.

If the top spots on the Ranked leaderboard are being taken by cheaters, it disincentives players to climb as there’s no competitive integrity or reason to reach Predator.