Apex Legends Mobile set to get Solos mode before PC and Console

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A recent leak has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile is set to receive Solos before PC and console, despite demands for the mode since the game’s release.

Since the release of Apex Legends on PC and console all the way back in 2019, the community has been asking Respawn to implement Solos alongside the current Duos and Trios format.

However, in response, the devs have made it very clear that this is not an option, as the majority of Legends in the game have abilities that rely on having teammates.

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Despite this, some players still think the positives would outweigh the negatives for Solos on PC and console, offering a better experience for those who prefer to play Apex on their own.

Well, a leak for Apex Mobile has reignited the debate as it appears the handheld version of the game may be receiving a Solos mode in the near future.

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Apex Legends Mobile arrived on May 17, 2022.

Leak suggests Solos is coming to Apex Legends Mobile

Courtesy of reliable Apex Mobile leaker ThatOneGamingBot, a set of icons has been revealed that suggest the handheld version of Apex will be receiving a Solos mode.

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While it’s possible this is just going to be an LTM for a special event, it could also be a permanent mode as it’s listed next to the Duos and Trios icons.

As expected, this news has left a lot of PC and console players frustrated and confused over why the devs would add Solos to Mobile before the original title, with one commenting: “Kinda sad how mobile structure slaps 100x better than the original”.

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Others believe that the devs are using Mobile to test new content for PC and console, but Solos has already been tested in the original game with an LTM back in August of 2019, so this is extremely unlikely.

With the extra abilities and perks for Legends and now the potential for Solos in Apex Mobile, it’s clear Respawn is treating this version of the game as a completely separate entity from PC and console.

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While this does give the community two exciting ways to battle in the Outlands, it of course leads to comparisons between both games, and frustration when one version gets a feature the other has been demanding for a long time.

Although some Apex players will be holding out hope for Solos on PC and console, at least the option to play it on Mobile may be there in the near future.

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