Apex Legends Mobile exclusive legend leaked: DJ aka Rhapsody

Apex Legends Mobile new LegendRespawn Entertainment

A new exclusive Apex Legends Mobile legend DJ aka Rhapsody has been leaked and they appear to be equipped with a robot dog.

It’s been over a month since the release of Apex Legends Mobile and the community is enjoying battling in the Outlands on their handheld devices.

However, since Fade’s introduction to Apex Mobile, a lot of players have been wondering when the next character will be arriving in-game.

With confirmation from the devs that more exclusive legends are on the cards, there’s a lot of excitement around who will be added to the roster next.

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Well, a new leak may have provided the answer, with a set of leaked images revealing the existence of the character DJ aka Rhapsody and their robot dog.

Apex Legends Mobile FadeRespawn Entertainment
Apex Mobile arrived on May 17, 2022.

Apex Legends Mobile character DJ aka Rhapsody leaked

Thanks to reliable Apex Mobile leaker ThatOneGamingBot it’s been revealed that a new exclusive character has been in the works called DJ aka Rhapsody.

While we have no images of the legend themselves, ThatOneGamingBot has provided a set of images that appear to showcase their robot dog called Nebula.

It is speculated that this will be an ability in DJ’s kit, and may even interact in a similar way to Crypto’s drone, potentially scouting the position of enemies on the map.

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Of course, it’s possible this ally is capable of dealing damage, but at this time we only have concept art so it’s impossible to pinpoint the details.

Based on their name, it’s possible DJ aka Rhapsody has a set of audio-based abilities to trick or fool their opponents. The Nebula dog does look like it has speakers on the side of its head, so it’s always a possibility.

However, this is all speculation at this point in time, and it’s possible DJ aka Rhapsody isn’t even the next Legend in line to join the mobile roster. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from Respawn.

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