Apex Legends Mobile finally buffs Loba’s ult and PC players are not happy

apex legends mobile loba unlock screen headerRespawn Entertainment

Loba has finally arrived in Apex Legends Mobile, but some players are demanding one of her mobile-exclusive abilities be added to the main version of the game.

Apex players have been wanting Loba to receive one particular buff for years: the ability to retrieve teammate’s banners with her Black Market Boutique Ultimate.

Unfortunately, Apex’s development team has consistently shot down this idea whenever it’s been brought up by the community.

Now though, this exact ability has made its way into Loba’s kit in Apex Legends Mobile, and fans are demanding the same ability be added on PC and consoles as well.

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Loba gets long-awaited ability in Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s Ultimate Ability, Black Market Boutique, allows players to remotely loot items and weapons in a large radius around her cane.

Loba’s new “Illegal Trade” ability makes it so Loba mains “can loot your Squadmate’s banner from your Black Market.” However, the ability is exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile, which is a phone version of Apex Legends developed by a team at Respawn with help from Tencent.

For those that don’t know, Apex Legends Mobile features dedicated slots for Perks, Finishers, and Abilities that Legends can equip – something that PC and console versions don’t have.

While Loba’s Illegal Trade is a perk that must be unlocked and equipped for her, it still allows mobile users to use this highly sought-after ability.

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After we tweeted out this mobile-exclusive ability, fans quickly voiced their own opinions on the Illegal Trade ability via social media.

“Mobile literally gets all the features PC been asking for. Do they just hate the PC community?” replied soft_sol_noises.

Another Twitter user ItsRioBambino said “No way this is real. Not after asking this for months on console/pc,” which was quickly followed up by Apex Legends Mobile players confirming the ability is actually in the game.

This new mobile-exclusive ability, compounded with the fact that Loba’s tactical ability is once again broken in Season 13, has left a lot of Loba fans unhappy with Respawn at the moment.

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Perhaps Respawn will take this community feedback into account and finally add this long-awaited buff into non-mobile versions of Apex Legends, but for now, that remains to be seen.