Apex Legends players jealous after seeing new Signature Weapon on Mobile

apex legends mobile fade signature weapon headerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans feel jealous after the Mobile version’s Season 3 update revealed Fade’s new upgradeable Signature Weapon.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 is nearly here, with the full update dropping on October 19, 2022.

The next season brings a bunch of new content including the simulacrum Ash, updated map rotations, and a new upgradeable Signature Weapon for Fade.

Unfortunately, some Apex Legends PC and console players are once again jealous of the love Respawn is showing Apex Legends Mobile, with some even claiming it’s time to switch over.

Apex players jealous over Mobile’s Signature Weapons

Similar to how Apex Legends on PC and console has Heirloom items for specific Legends, Signature Weapons seem to be Mobile’s equivalent.

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With Season 3, the first Mobile-exclusive Legend Fade will get his Signature Weapon in the form of the ‘Constellation’ bladed weapon, which can transform into bladed knuckle claws or a crescent blade.

On top of the weapon’s two forms, players can also upgrade Fade’s weapon six times and outfit it with visual effects and special textures.

According to Respawn, “The base weapon can be unlocked by playing select missions to earn Signature Merits or by buying Signature Tributes during special events… In addition, you can customize the Constellation with visual effects, textures, and more.”

When we tweeted about this news from our AlphaINTEL Twitter account, fans were quick to voice their opinions on yet another enticing update for Apex Legends Mobile

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“Who’s switching to mobile…” asked Apex Legends Mobile content creator RoastSmith.

Another fan wondered why the Mobile version of the game keeps getting enticing content like this and said, “Why can’t we have stuff like this for the PC and console version bro.”

Additionally, plenty of players were surprised the base version of Signature Weapon could be earned for free, while Heirlooms are quite expensive for players to purchase.

This isn’t the first time that Apex Legends Mobile’s content has earned the envy of PC and console players, as many Mobile updates have included things fans have been asking about for some time.

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While it’s unclear if Respawn has any intention to update Heirlooms to include custom textures or upgrades, it seems that Signature Weapons will remain Mobile exclusive.