Apex Legends players flame “major” Loba bug ruining Season 13 matches

Sam Comrie
Apex Legends Loba Ultimate

Apex Legends players are still encountering a bizarre Loba bug that prevents using the Legends’ tactical ability. 

Apex Legends has a wide array of Legends to do battle with, but Loba’s telepathic tactical is often an appealing reason to main this Legend. However, Loba’s tactical has been broken for quite some time, stemming back to Season 8 of Apex Legends.

Despite attempts from the developers to remedy this through hotfixes and larger updates, Season 13’s iteration of this frustrating bug is possibly the worst yet.

Now, Apex Legends players are blasting the game’s stability as Loba becomes a less viable Legend for battle.

Loba Apex Legends
Loba’s tactical was popular among players who needed to escape heated engagements.

Apex Legends’ Loba remains “broken” in Season 13

Redditor ImGaiza shared footage of the ongoing problem, which sees Loba’s tactical fail to deploy, despite numerous attempts. Loba’s tactical made the Legend an extremely popular choice initially, but frustrated player devel_watcher is one of many to move on: “This bug has changed my legend unlock priorities.”

Players like Sun-Taken-By-Trees aren’t convinced that the developers will rectify the issue in Season 13: “Worse than when she was bugged before. And of course, she’ll remain in this state for the next month and a half, but if Wraith’s phase or Gibby’s bubble was this broken they’d be fixed tomorrow.”

Others have echoed these calls for action, stating that Loba’s tactical is “broken” and has affected “hit box” settings too.

While most players are seeing this game-breaking bug as a negative, one player has utilized its instability to fool unsuspecting rivals: “I used this to juke out an entire team tho. It was great till I teleported into their faces lmao.”

Season 14 of Apex Legends is set to debut in August, which means there is plenty of time for Respawn to finally quash this issue going forward.

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