Apex Legends players come up with crazy idea for Skull Town return

Eli Becht

Apex Legends will be bringing back Kings Canyon once again for a limited time, which means it’s a return to the first map everyone called home, but some players want Respawn to take it a bit further.

The original map will always hold a special place in the heart of players since it was the first memory a lot of them had with the game.

Kings Canyon has come back in the past and it’s currently gearing up for yet another return on January 24. Instead of being the map we all know and love, it’s going to be the nighttime variant, but it’s returning nonetheless.

EAWould you drop into Skull Town if it came back?

After just two days, the map will leave again until another LTM in the future brings it back. Fans are sick of this happening and want a more consistent way to play on the map, and have come up with their own idea.

In fact, Reddit user dinohunterpat has narrowed it down even more and wants just Skull Town to return, but with an added twist.

The spin they want the location to take is to bring the player count down to 24 and make it so they respawn. Essentially, it’d turn into a free-for-all deathmatch mode, but it could also easily be turned into a 11v11 or even split it into eight squads of three.

Of course, an easy suggestion to make would be telling these people to play the criminally underrated Titanfall 2, where a deathmatch mode like this is already present.

Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends may have their share of similarities, but the differences are enough to make that suggestion fall onto deaf ears for a lot of players.

EAPlayers are anxious for a Kings Canyon return.

Skull Town was a popular location for players who like to hot drop onto the map. It was always bustling with opponents at the beginning of the game, so there was always bound to be a lot of early action whenever you landed there.

While a mode like this would eliminate the thrill of dropping there and not knowing what to expect, just having Skull Town back in the game would be more than enough for many.

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