Simple Valkyrie Ultimate change would fix her biggest issue in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends players have called for a quality of life change for Valkyrie’s Ultimate to make it more reliable and consistent during high-pressure situations.

Since her arrival in Apex Legends back in Season 9, Valkyrie has been a fan-favorite character due to her Titanfall roots and high-flying kit.

Her unique set of abilities makes her extremely valuable to any squad and in Season 12, the Winged Avenger is currently sitting at an 8.7% pick rate.

This makes her the fifth most popular Legend in the game and although her Tactical and Passive are both strong, it’s her Ultimate that provides essential rotations during high-pressure situations.

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Unfortunately, Valk mains are becoming more and more frustrated with an issue affecting the Skyward Dive and have called on Respawn to fix it.

Valkyrie Apex Legends UltimateRespawn Entertainment
Season 13 is expected in early May.

Valkyrie mains want “Clearance indicator” for Ultimate

Currently, when a Valkyrie player attempts to use their Ultimate, sometimes the game will indicate to them that they do not have clearance.

Well, a lot of Valk mains have taken to Reddit to ask Respawn from a “clearance indicator” so they don’t have to activate the ability to find out whether they can take off.

Unlike a lot of other Ultimates in Apex, Valk’s Skyward Dive puts her in an extremely vulnerable state, so knowing exactly when you and your squad can rotate is important.

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“YES! The amount of times I go to ult in an intense moment only to be told I don’t have clearance”.

A lot of users in the thread have suggested that Valk mains could simply activate their Ultimate and cancel it to check whether they have clearance.

Although this is correct, doing so consumes 25% of the charge, meaning they’d have to wait a set amount of time or use an Ultimate Accelerant to get recharge the ability immediately.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Respawn takes note of this issue, but with Valkyrie already having such a high-pick rate, it’s hard to see the devs making this QOL change a priority.

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