Apex Legends player loses 6 heirlooms because of EA account glitch

. 1 year ago
Respawn Entertainment/EA

Due to an apparent issue with EA accounts, one Apex Legends player has lost all of their in-game items and cosmetics, including 6 heirlooms, after they were asked to sign-in to their account again.

If you open Apex Legends after putting hours into it and you’re prompted to sign-in to your account again unexpectedly, you may want to be a bit wary about doing so. It might lead to you losing everything you’ve worked hard or spent money for in the battle royale.

An Apex Legends fan has confirmed they did just that: they were prompted to sign-in to their account “in order to make the account more secure” and in the process, lost access to all of their cosmetic items. According to the post, they had spent $2,000 on the game in total, which included 6 heirlooms.

While not all is lost, as they were able to keep both their level and rank within the game’s ranked mode, that’s still a ton of items that are now just gone.

Mirage's Heirloom pack in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Heirlooms in Apex Legends are exceedingly hard to get.

EA email bug loses all items

According to the player, when it prompted them to sign-in to their account again, it unlinked and then relinked their account in the process. The worst part is that this sort of problem might now be new.

“All of it is gone and nothing can be done to regain any of the items,” the player explains. “What makes this extra weird is that both of my accounts appear in the club that my friend made. But I can’t access the other account. I have tried dealing with EA Advisors, if that is what you can call them, they will advise you that it was your fault and that there is nothing that you can do about it.”

Apex Legends EA account warning

Back in February and March 2021, Apex developers began looking into reports of players saying they were losing their items. There’s a card up on the game’s official Trello support page that says that players who unlink and relink their accounts will lose their items, which sounds identical to this problem on face value.

The warning reads: “Changing your associated email will cause the loss of cosmetics. Please ensure you aware of this before you change your email. Please contact EA support for any further questions.”

The strange part is the need to sign back into the game after playing for so long, resulting in the items being wiped from their account. If this story is true then that’s a major problem that needs to be addressed, especially considering that an EA account is required to play Apex Legends.

Respawn have found the cause and solution

Respawn has been looking into the issue for quite some time. However, they finally found the cause and solution on April 6.

It has something to do with an issue with a database shard, so they’ll be rolling back the servers to fix the problem.

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