Respawn has ‘no plans’ to add Titans to Apex Legends

Bangalore in Apex Legends and a Titan from TitanfallRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment’s Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends has reaffirmed that the Apex team has “no plans” to bring Titans to the battle royale after teasing Titanfall content coming in Season 9.

Given that Apex Legends and Titanfall exist in the same universe, and are made by the same development team, fans have constantly been asking for more and more Titanfall-themed content in Apex.

Currently, there are weapons from Titanfall in-game, and there have been rumors about some upcoming legends coming from Titanfall’s story, and even having Titanfall-like abilities such as wall running.

As time has gone on, and fans have called for more Titanfall and Apex Legends crossovers, Respawn have poured cold water on things like Titans, wall-running, and even the dreaded Smart-Pistol.

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