Apex Legends player discovers new jaw-dropping “double wall bounce” movement mechanic

Alec Mullins
Newcastle soaring through the skies in Apex Legends

A new Apex Legends movement technique has hit the internet and fans of the game can’t quite believe their eyes when taking it in.

There’s a reason that Apex Legends’ movement system is still highly-touted more than three years after its initial release.

Whether it’s a Legend like Pathfinder who can use his grappling hook to create ridiculous outplay situations, or an extraordinary speed boost trick that makes every legend almost impossible to hit, players keep finding new ways to shake the game up every week.

The latest trick takes the popular wall bounce movement tech and stretches it to its most extreme and you have to see it to believe it.

New double wall bounce Apex Legends movement technique

A wall bounce can be used to great effect when trying to maneuver around distances that would otherwise be impossible to cross.

Whether it’s leaping around the side of a building or just putting some space between yourself and an enemy, it makes a world of difference for those that are dedicated enough to master it.

This new technique amplifies that even further by allowing players to literally double the distance traveled, or just repeat a bounce to throw an opposing player off, opening up a whole new world of possibilities when putting it into action.

This is the kind of trick that takes a long time to learn because it’s incredibly detailed, but JayTheYggdrasil has a full breakdown on the Apex Rollouts subreddit of how it works and what you need to do in order to repeat it.

Even after watching the explanation a few times through it’ll take some serious practice to be able to put it to use, but anyone who is able to nail it down is going to have a major leg up on the competition at the end of the day.