Apex Legends Olympus bug makes the map impossible to play

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While loading into Olympus in Apex Legends, one player ran into a strange bug that rendered the map unplayable.

The Olympus map originally arrived in Apex Legends at the start of Season 7, the 2020 update that also introduced players to Horizon.

Olympus bears many interesting qualities, chief among them being its status as a city in the clouds. Floating above the planet Psamathe, this particular locale can be tricky to navigate.

Players seem to enjoy its varied points of interest all the same, however. As such, here’s to hoping one recent Olympus-related discovery doesn’t affect all users.

Olympus bug turns the Apex Legends map topsy-turvy

In a post on the Apex Legends subreddit, user TelVelin reported a glitch that completely turns the Olympus map inside-out.

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A screenshot of the bug shows the Redditor trying to launch into the locale. However, as the user put it, “Olympus [was] not feeling good.” Instead of a sprawling city, the player was met with a gnarled image of the metropolis.

Street corners and high rises twist every which way in the screenshot, oddly fused into a giant, pixelated glob. Olympus has indeed fallen.

One person in the Reddit thread wondered if the problem may have been the fault of the player’s video card. According to TelVelin, though, it was a matter of 2MB of corrupted files, which is “why it’s so important.”

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At any rate, it seems Apex Legends players on PC may want to keep an eye out in case the Olympus bug wreaks havoc on their game, too.

Many users have their hands full elsewhere, following the release of Season 15. The latest seasonal update added the Broken Moon map and a new playable Legend, Catalyst.