Apex Legends dev doesn’t think Loba needs a buff in the current meta

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An Apex Legends dev has revealed that they do not believe Loba needs any buffs and that the Translocating Thief is a strong pick in the current meta.

While Loba has never been the most popular character in Apex Legends, she’s always maintained a steady pick rate in the Outlands, placing her in the middle of the pack when it comes to popularity.

Although the Translocating Thief doesn’t have the mobility of Octane or the raw firepower of Rampart, she is an expert at collecting loot and kitting out her guns with the best attachments.

Despite this, some Apex players think she could with a set of small buffs, with one of the most repeated ideas revolving around giving her the ability to collect a teammate’s banner with her Ultimate.

Well, an Apex dev has responded to these requests and expressed that they think Loba doesn’t need any changes in the current meta.

Loba Apex Legends buffRespawn Entertainment
Loba has a 4.2% pick rate.

Apex Legends dev thinks Loba is strong in the current meta

As Crypto can collect fallen teammates’ banners with his drone, a lot of Loba mains have been calling on Respawn to allow her to do the same with her Ultimate.

Well, on May 4 Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson responded to a tweet asking for exactly that, and he disagreed that the Translocating Theif needs a buff in the current meta.

Highlighting that Loba’s “power” comes from her ability to “get her squad looted up” throughout a match quickly, it’s obvious Respawn thinks she a strong and worthy addition to any squad.

Jaybiebs even revealed that he’s always “stoked when there’s a Loba” on his team, as it makes it easy to secure the best attachments and get geared up before a gunfight.

Similar to Lifeline, it’s clear Respawn has no plans to buff Loba in the near future, at least while she retains a strong pick rate.

With Newcastle arriving in Season 13, it’ll be interesting to see if any other characters on the roster fall down in popularity, especially if the Heroic Defender releases in an overpowered state.

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