Apex Legends Mobile improves Legends’ abilities for Mirage, Bangalore and Gibraltar

Alex Garton
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A number of the characters in Apex Legends Mobile have improved abilities when compared to their counterparts in the main game, with Mirage, Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound all receiving buffs.

With Apex Legends Mobile’s limited regional launch kicking off on March 7 in a select set of countries, players have finally been able to dive into the Outlands on their iOS and Android devices.

While the hugely improved Firing Range has been a heavily discussed topic in the community, players have also noticed changes with certain Legend abilities on mobile

Although a lot of these differences are minor, some Legends including Mirage, Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound all seem to have received buffs on the alternative version of the game.

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Apex Legends mobile has a new and improved Firing Range.

Apex Legends Mobile buffs Mirage, Bangalore & Gibraltar

Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation decided to compare every single Legend ability from the main game with those on mobile. In doing so, they managed to identify some key changes and improvements for specific Legends.

One of which is Mirage, whose decoys seem to mimic the player perfectly on mobile, even equipping and unholstering weapons which is not possible in the main game. Improvements to Mirage’s Tactical have been heavily requested recently, so it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn takes notes from mobile.

Other buffs can be seen with Bangalore, whose smokes are significantly thicker, preventing one-way vision. Bloodhound’s Ultimate also lasts five seconds longer on mobile, giving them more time to hunt down enemies.

Finally, Gibraltar’s bubble comes with an in-game timer, allowing you to track exactly when the shield is going to drop.

Other than Bloodhound, a lot of the changes for mobile are quality of life improvements that could be added to the main game.

The primary topic of discussion will no doubt be the decoy buffs for Mirage, which the playerbase has been asking for Respawn to change for multiple seasons.

With the Tactical improvements finally making an appearance on mobile, a lot of Mirage mains will be hoping the devs decide to adjust the main game’s trickster in the near future.