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Apex Legends players urge devs to fix “unplayable” Loba in Season 13

Published: 7/Jun/2022 11:21

by Connor Bennett


Loba mains are, once again, frustrated with the fact that her bracelet ability is still broken in Apex Legends, seasons after Respawn stated it would be addressed.

Ever since she was introduced back in Season 5, Loba has caused quite a number of headaches for both players and Respawn Entertainment due to her abilities not working as intended at times.

While the devs have addressed previous issues with her Eye for Quality passive and Black Market Boutique Ultimate, her bracelet is still not working as it should.

Even though Respawn stated that they’d fixed things a few seasons back, players are still unable to escape fights or rotate using the tactical ability, and it’s really grinding their gears as she is apparently “unplayable” right now.


Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s bracelet has huge potential, but it very rarely works as intended.

Plenty of Loba mains have voiced their frustration with the problem at times, but calls for a fix have once again ramped up in Season 13: Saviors given that the bug is still causing headaches.

One Redditor showcased a clip of them repeatedly trying, and failing, to escape a fight with the bracelet, calling the problem “nonsense” and demanding a fix. Naturally, other players jumped on board with their own experiences.

“Actually shocked they haven’t fixed this yet. It’s a huge bug,” said one player. “I don’t know why people continue to play Loba with this still going on,” added another. “I love Loba, but she’s seriously unplayable right now,” another commenter, claiming that the problem “seems worse” during games on Storm Point.


Loba fix now. This is nonsense. from apexlegends

Others pointed out that while Loba’s issues are long-standing, Season 13 has seemingly messed up a number of abilities. “Mirage’s decoys still run slow sometimes, Pathfinder’s grapple randomly disconnects for me, and Mad Maggie’s ult is jittery sometimes,” added another player.

As noted, the problems with Loba’s bracelet have been around forever, and Respawn have attempted to address it on a number of occasions. The devs have stated that it is being worked on, but players want a fix once and for all – and fast.