Simple Apex Legends Loba buff idea would make her ultimate more useful

Connor Bennett
Loba in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have got a pretty perfect buff idea for Loba that centers around her Black Market Boutique ultimate and being able to help teammates even more.

Since being introduced during Apex Legends Season 5, Loba has become a mainstay in the battle royale thanks to her unique abilities. 

The Translocating Thief is able to get around the map easily thanks to her bracelet, and she can scoop up some serious loot without even needing to fight enemies thanks to both her passive and ultimate. 

While her Black Market Boutique ultimate is already pretty powerful, some players have got ideas about making the ability even better by being able to give teammates an even bigger helping hand than it already does. 

Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s Ultimate can pull loot within a 78 meter radius.

The concept was floated by Reddit user Lord_Despairagus, who suggested that Loba’s Ultimate should be on the same level as Crypto when it comes to grabbing teammate’s banners. 

That’s right, their idea is would allow Loba to drop her Black Market Boutique, and aside from grabbing ammo, weapons, and health kits, she could pick up a teammates banner – provided it close enough by, of course. 

Given that Loba and her teammates can only loot two items each through the Ultimate, it could become an interesting balancing act between grabbing a banner and hoping there’s a beacon nearby or ignoring the banner and keeping yourself alive with Syringes and Shield Cells.

If the buff was in place, and luck was on your side, you could use your two loot picks to get a banner and a mobile respawn beacon, which would get your teammates back into the fight in the blink of an eye.

Though, at the end of the day, Legend changes come from Respawn so they’d have to sign off on it. Given that they’ve said previously that they can’t exactly copy fan ideas, it’s unlucky we’ll see Loba with this buff anytime soon, but it would be pretty interesting.