Apex Legends may take legal action for “serious” hacking and DDoS cases

Apex Legends sue DDoSersRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has now confirmed they’re willing to take further action beyond a ban against people that perform DDoS attacks on the Apex Legends servers. This includes pursuing legal action against individuals where it is appropriate.

Apex Legends is approaching its ninth season and a range of new content is scheduled to be added to the game. From the new Legend Valkyrie to an entirely fresh mode for the title in the form of Arenas, Legacy is going to be one of Respawn’s biggest updates yet.

However, new content is all well and good, but just as important to players is the stability of the servers, which in Season 8, fell victim to DDoS attacks. This has become a particularly significant issue in the game’s ranked matches, where some players will do anything to gain an advantage.

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In an official server QnA on the game’s subreddit, Respawn has provided some interesting information about the actions they’re taking against DDoS attacks and hackers.

Apex Legends gunRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Legacy release on May 4.

Respawn confirm they are considering legal action against DDoSers

The Apex community has been very vocal about the issues with DDoS attacks in-game, particularly at the higher tiers of the ranked ladder. Respawn previously said they will explore any avenue to curb the problem.

A representative at Respawn has shed some light on what the developers are doing to stop this directly.

Their strategy involves closing the loopholes that allow these attacks to happen, as well as developing tools that will help them identify who is responsible.

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“[We’re] improving tools for identifying those launching the attacks (several promising approaches here).”

Perhaps more significantly, they’ve confirmed that they’re willing to pursue legal action in cases where it is appropriate.

“[We’re] investigating more serious consequences beyond bans… we think legal action may be justifiable in some cases.”

Apex Legends DDoS attacksRespawn Entertainment
Respawn’s response to DDoS attacks.

It’s obvious Respawn is looking to take a stand against people attempting to crash the game’s servers and the threat of legal action may be enough to deter any attackers from causing more issues.

The specific mention of “certain cases” suggests they may have already caught a number of attackers that they’re taking legal action against. If so, this would certainly send a direct message to any players crashing the servers.

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Let’s hope the developers can build up a defense against these DDoS attacks and identify who is actually performing them. Until these loopholes are closed, players will continue to abuse the system to increase their rank.