Apex Legends considering legal action to stop hackers and DDoS attacks

Apex Legends pathfinder grappleRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has been enduring an increasing problem with cheaters and DDoS attacks, rendering the game unplayable for some. The development team at Respawn has confirmed they’re exploring all avenues to bring it to an end.

The problems have reached a breaking point as popular streamers and high-ranked players have been targeted by particularly invasive hackers.

These hackers not only use cheats like aimbots and wallhacks, but also find ways to infiltrate player’s lobbies, and even stop them from connecting to the servers.

This was highlighted by Twitch streamer ShivFPS, who has been on a tirade against the hackers. The hackers say they will be nicer to streamers who do as they say, but Shiv is not playing their games.

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Respawn respond to cheating in Apex

Respawn’s head of comms, Ryan Rigney, explained that they are investigating everything they can do to resolve things.

“We know about it and are trying every avenue (technical, legal, etc.) right now to see what we can do to fix it,” he said. “We think our current approach of just banning cheaters/DDOSers isn’t enough.”

In another post, Rigney said there will be more announcements to come soon.

DDoS attacks are another issue that have been plaguing Apex Legends, particularly on console, ruining ranked play especially.

Respawn have already taken action against DDoS attackers in March, but the ban wave hasn’t been enough to end it entirely.

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On a similar note, they are also considering adding loss forgiveness in Ranked play, if a game is spoiled by a cheater or DDoS attack.

Apex Legends Season 9 is expected to start on May 4, which is when the next Ranked split will begin. For many, the Season 8 ranked splits have been spoiled by a mix of connection issues, hackers, and DDoS attacks.