Apex Legends lobby glitch lets you steal Legends from teammates

Joe Craven
Apex Legends characters on a World's Edge background

A new Apex Legends glitch appears to let players to steal their teammate’s Legend picks, even after the choices have been locked in. 

When it comes to Apex Legends, there are few things as frustrating as solo queuing only to have your top two Legend picks taken away from you. While the Legend pool is fairly balanced, everyone has their favorites.

Lifeline, Wraith and Pathfinder have been immensely popular since the game’s launch, but each player has their personal preference. Teams are limited to one of each character though, meaning you have to work around your teammates’ picks.

The Legends pool is pretty balanced, but everyone has their go-to character.

However, a glitch has surfaced that allows players to steal the picks of their teammates. A video shows a player taking Lifeline in their team’s third pick, despite the unknown ally already having chosen the Legend before them.

“Caught this live today,” the player said, “my friend was able to steal our random’s legend by choosing Lifeline.”

Even after the second player on the team selects Lifeline, the final player is able to choose the Combat Medic. This changes the team’s picks, giving the random player Wattson instead.

There were a few theories regarding the issue, with one player explaining: “it’s a glitch where if you cancel right as it locks in your choice it’ll say waiting for turn and the next person can take your character. It’s happened to me a couple times.”

Another suggested, “maybe it was the opposite, maybe the other teammate picked Wattson at the last second and it hadn’t registered for you guys yet”.

Whether a fix is on its way for the issue remains to be seen, but stripping players of their Legend choices definitely won’t be intentional.