Apex Legends July 7 patch notes: Loba fix & Mobile Respawn Beacons

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer UQowmNq2]Respawn Entertainment have pushed out a new update for Apex Legends on July 7 that should take care of Loba’s problematic World’s Edge bug as well as expanding Mobile Respawn Beacons in the game.

Players found that the Lost Treasures Collection Event brought a harsh bug to the battle royale’s newest Legend, Loba. Since then, people have been clamoring for a fix to the bug that made her teleport ineffective on World’s Edge.

After notifying the Apex community that a “fix was on the way,” Respawn came through with a quick turnaround for the problematic glitch which should hopefully make it safe to play the new character on the second Arena.

Burglar’s Best Friend fix

Loba should now be playable on World’s Edge! Her Burglar’s Best Friend Tactical ability had a strange interaction on the map that didn’t let the bracelet catch onto the ground.

Burglar’s Best Friend should now be compatible, for the most part, on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

In explaining the problem, Design Director at Respawn Entertainment Jason ‘Monsterclip’ McCord said that it had something to do with how the World’s Edge code was put together as opposed to Kings Canyon.

“‘Triggers’ were done a little differently in Worlds Edge. Same user facing functionality, just authored in a slightly different way. We grouped them more,” he said. “Kings Canyons triggers aren’t grouped… Anyway, some code changed and only broke her bracelet functionality in those specially authored triggers in WE.”

Regardless, the developers have been working to address the problem but also said there are known instances where the issue can still happen.

Mobile Respawn Beacons for all

After their initial test run, Mobile Respawn Beacons are now coming to every mode in Apex to bring back Legends anywhere on the battlefield.

Respawn EntertainmentPortable Respawn Beacons are now available in all the core default Apex Legends modes.

They initially came out on June 23 for the Armed & Dangerous LTM, but are now going to be introduced to the larger set of playlists in the BR.

This is similar to how the Evo shields were brought to the larger Apex Legends world and could be the approach that Respawn take when trying out experimental items.

Apex Legends July 7 update patch notes

  • Fixes addressing Loba’s tactical usability on World’s Edge. There are still some known cases we’re continuing to work on but it should work much better now.
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon has been added to all modes.
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