Apex Legends leaks confirm “Clubs” feature coming ahead of crossplay

Daniel Cleary
wattsona and revenant skisn form Apex Legends

Data miners have leaked that a new “Clubs” feature could soon be on its way to Apex Legends ahead of the long-awaited addition of cross-platform play this fall.

There are plenty of online multiplayer titles that feature some sort of clan or guild feature, allowing players to invite like-minded people to teams and equip the same clan tag in-game.

It appears as if Respawn is now working on a similar feature called “Clubs” for Apex Legends after more game files were leaked following the Lost Treasures event update.

Wattson, Bangalore and Octane from Apex Legends
Apex Legends players might soon be able to join in-game teams with their friends.

Prominent data miner shrugtal was among the first to share this new feature, explaining that these clubs are possibly being added to cut down the number of solo queue players.

“The intent of the system seems to support the fact that Apex is a team game by making it easy to find similar players to party with and reduce the amount of solo queuing,” he added.

The data miner also claimed that these clubs would likely be accessible from the main menu and come with its own “club-only chat channel” to organize parties and more.

Shrugtal revealed more info about this new feature in his latest YouTube video, highlighting some of the files that have been added in support of this new system.

The leak contained files for choosing club IDs, accepting member requests, privacy settings, and much more. He also claimed it is unlikely that these clubs will be forced to have unique names once it is added, meaning there could be multiple clubs with the same name.

There are also expected to be different member tiers and higher-ranked members should be given more permissions for tasks like adding or kicking players from the clubs.

While there is no release date for this new feature, shrugtal explained that they would likely be looking to introduce it ahead of the crossplay feature in fall, but added that it could come to Apex Legends as early as Season 6.

As with all leaks, many of the details shared are still subject to change until it’s officially confirmed.

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