Pathfinder, Crypto & Octane combine for crazy Apex Legends jump trick

Bill Cooney
Pathfinder super grapple featuring octane and Crypto

[jwplayer OS20Z7tP]

A super jump technique involving Pathfinder, Crypto, and Octane can actually send everyone’s favorite robot in Apex Legends soaring across the map like he was literally shot out of a catapult.

Pathfinder is basically a robot version of SpiderMan in Apex Legends, since his grapple allows him significantly more mobility than most other Legends. But a new technique gives him the ability to fly further than ever before.

Our cybernetic friend can’t do it all on his own though, as this wild super-leap technique requires the double jump from Octane’s jump pad, which can actually be saved and stored while you’re in the air.

Crypto and his Drone aren’t technically required for this to work either, but using the little flying bot to grapple off of is much easier than having Octane set up in a perfect position to use the surrounding terrain and buildings.

Once you jump up with Octane’s ability, you grapple onto the Drone without using the double jump just yet and swing in the direction you want to go.

The double jump is actually stored if you don’t touch the ground after leaving the jump pad, which means it can basically double the length that pathfinder can travel once he releases the grapple.

In this case, the AI Legend is able to get from one area to another in style, without having to do any of those tedious things like walking, running, or worse – running into enemy teams.

It’s a maneuver that should serve Pathfinder mains well, if they can find reliable Crypto and Octane teammates.

Something like this would take a fair bit of team cooperation and setting up to pull off perfectly, so don’t expect to see this the next time you get thrown into a squad of randoms.

With a good team though, you could definitely pull this bad boy off, and if you do manage to execute this and get a kill because of it, feel free to send us the clip on Twitter @TitanfallBlog.