Apex Legends leak reveals Veiled Collection event skins and banners

Octane and Pathfinder using a jump pad in apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaks have revealed a plethora of cosmetics coming to the game through the upcoming Veiled Collection event.

With the new Apex Legends patch came a plethora of leaks for upcoming events, which includes new cosmetics like skins, weapon skins, and banners.

Long-time Apex Legends fans will be familiar with the battle royale’s Collection events, which center around a theme and give players a prize tracker where they can unlock themed cosmetics by earning points.

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These new leaks have revealed skins for Octane, Gibraltar, Wattson, and more, alongside new weapon skins for the R-99, CAR SMG, and more.

Apex Legends leak reveals a ton of upcoming cosmetics

The leaks come from prominent Apex Legends leakers HYPERMYST and KralRindo on Twitter, where both tweeted out datamined assets for the new cosmetics following the Sun Squad update.

According to the leaks, the upcoming “Veiled Collection Event” will include four Legendary skins for Octane, Gibraltar, Wattson, and Rampart. Alongside the Legendary skins, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Wraith, and Loba will get Epic skins.

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Four weapons will also receive Legendary skins, which include the R-99 SMG, the CAR SMG, the Sentinel sniper rifle, and the Spitfire LMG.

The leak also included special frames for Octane, Gibraltar, Seer, and Rampart which can be unlocked during the Veiled Collection event.

Dataminers were also able to pull the full event tracker for the Veiled Collection event, which features a red and gold color scheme and centers around a masquerade theme.

For those who want a comprehensive look at all the new cosmetics in action, KralRindo also made a video that showed each of the Collection event items in action. The full list includes new Epic emotes for Loba, Rampart, Gibraltar, and Octane, as well as Legendary emotes for Ash, Wattson, Octane, and Caustic.

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Finally, it seems the previously leaked Caustic Prestige skin will finally debut during the upcoming Veiled Collection event. It’s still unclear when exactly this event will arrive, but considering the Sun Squad event just launched, it may be more than a month until these new cosmetics arrive in Apex Legends.

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