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Apex Legends leak reveals first look at Valkyrie’s heirloom

Published: 9/May/2022 11:40

by James Busby


A new Apex Legend leak has revealed Valkyrie’s heirloom, giving players a first look at this Mythic-tier cosmetic. 

Valkyrie mains may not have to wait much longer for a new cosmetic as a new Apex Legends leak has revealed her heirloom. 

Apex Legends heirlooms are some of the most highly coveted items in the game, especially since they feature their own animations and lore. In fact, Valkyrie mains have been wondering what heirloom Respawn would release for the Winged Avenger. 

Well, now players have been given a sneak peek at Valkyrie’s upcoming heirloom thanks to a new leak. Here’s everything we know about this upcoming cosmetic item. 


Apex Legends Valkyrie heirloom leak

Valkyrie flying in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
A new Apex Legends leak has revealed Valkyrie’s heirloom.

All clues point toward the Winger Avenger being the next Legend on the roster to receive an Heirloom as a new leak has given players their first look at Valkyrie’s Heirloom.

Although previous leaks had provided clips of the weapon in its early design stages with no color, the new video showcases the spear in its full glory with an array of impressive details.

Without a doubt, this appears to be one of the largest Heirlooms in the game, similar to Revenant’s scythe.

Valk heirloom via Mr Loot on yt from ApexUncovered

By the looks of it, it seems to be inspired by the Yari – a traditional Japanese straight-headed spear. 


While Respawn has yet to give an official release date for the Valkyrie heirloom, it’s possible the rare collectible could arrive in the upcoming Season 13 Collection Event.

Of course, this early footage and release window could change before its official release, but for now, Valkyrie mains finally have a glimpse of how her heirloom will both look and perform upon its eventual debut.