Aceu shows best way to master recoil in Apex Legends

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Popular Apex streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has revealed the best way to practice and master recoil control in Apex Legends.

While Apex Legends has a diverse selection of characters each equipped with powerful abilities that can change the outcome of a match, gunskill will always be the most important factor for securing victories.

As a result, mastering the recoil patterns of the strongest weapons in the Outlands is essential if you want to maximize the amount of damage you can output on an opponent.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and a lot of players are left confused when it comes to effectively practicing their aim in the Firing Range.

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Well, popular Apex streamer aceu has shared some tips when it comes to mastering recoil patterns and it may just help you finally achieve a pinpoint aim.

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The best place to practice recoil control in Apex is in the Firing Range.

Aceu shares best way to practice aim in Firing Range

During his June 14 stream, aceu was asked how to effectively master recoil control in the Firing Range by one of his viewers.

In response, the streamer revealed that it’s usually not a good idea to practice your gunskills with all the attachments equipped on a weapon.

Instead, he recommends that if you “truly want to learn the recoil just don’t use a barrel” as that way you’ll be exposed to a weapon’s raw kickback.

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This in turn will make it extremely easy for you to control the recoil when your gun is filled kitted out, and it’ll also improve your likelihood of winning early game duels.

For the majority of a match, it’s unlikely that you’ll be holding a fully kitted-out gun with every single top-tier attachment.

Not only that, if you’re hot dropping, the majority of gunfights are going to occur at the start of a match when you just have a base weapon, so familiarizing yourself with the raw recoil of a gun is incredibly important.

Keep in mind, that some weapons are harder to use than others, so if you really struggle to control kickback, it may be worth using the R-301 or the Flatline instead of the Havoc and R-99.

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Ultimately, improving your accuracy all comes down to practice, but aceu’s tip is bound to help you reach your goal quicker if you’re putting in the hours inside the Firing Range.