Apex Legends players think they’ve spotted unreleased Legend in Stories from the Outlands

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Apex Legends players believe they’ve spotted the unreleased character Uplink in the ‘Family Business’ Stories from the Outlands video.

Back in March, a major Apex Legends leak revealed the names of nine unreleased characters, including Newcastle who hadn’t arrived in the Outlands at that time.

Since then, the community has been keeping a keen eye on any content pushed out by Respawn in the hopes that the devs have left some breadcrumbs for players to follow.

As a result, as soon as the recent ‘Family Business’ Stories from the Outlands dropped on June 14, it didn’t take eagle-eyed fans long to start speculating.

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One theory that’s receiving a lot of attention is that the unreleased Legend Uplink makes a cameo in Lifeline’s story video. Although there’s no solid evidence, the character from ‘Family Business’ does show a striking resemblance to the Satellite Savior’s splash art.

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The ‘Family Business’ Stories from the Outlands arrived on June 14.

Apex players think Uplink appears in ‘Family Business’

Shortly after the ‘Family Business’ Stories from the Outlands went live, Reddit user CrystalClown96 took to the ApexUncovered subreddit to suggest an interesting theory.

Based on the splash art leaked back in March, they think Respawn gave the unreleased character Uplink makes a cameo in the hospital scene of ‘Family Business’.

While there’s no solid evidence other than appearance, it does seem possible given both Lifeline & Uplink are support Legends, and this wouldn’t be the first time the devs have dropped a hint in a trailer.

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Although this mysterious character isn’t in the video for very long, the camera does focus on them for a set period of time, which is one of the reasons fans are suspicious.

Not only that, both Uplink and the medic are equipped with a headset and share a similar hairstyle. You can check out ‘Family Business’ below and make up your own mind:

Topic starts at 1:50

While the observations are pure speculation at the moment, it’s always exciting to try and identify clues in the trailers that Respawn release.

The devs have a history of dropping breadcrumbs for fans, and it’s possible they’re doing exactly that again.

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However, it’s also likely that this medic in ‘Family Business’ has no relation to Uplink, but we’ll have to wait and see if we can spot them again at some point in the future.