Apex Legends leak hints at classic Call of Duty mode coming with a twist

Apex Legends logo on Black Ops 3 blurred imageTreyarch / Respawn

Recent Apex Legends leaks indicate Respawn’s battle royale will be getting a classic Call of Duty mode as a LTM, albeit with a slight twist.

Limited-time modes (LTMs) have become common in Apex Legends to diversify gameplay and ensure players can enjoy the Titanfall-esque mechanics in as many ways as possible.

We saw the 3v3 Arenas mode drop back in Season 9 and plenty of others have dropped with seasonal events and takeovers.

Recent leaks, coinciding with Season 14, have hinted that a fan-favorite Call of Duty mode – Gun Game – will be coming in the near future as an LTM.

Gun Game has featured in multiple CoD titles since Treyarch introduced it way back in Black Ops. It sees players progress through 20 weapons, with each kill pushing the player to the next weapon. Dying via melee sees players pushed back and the first player to get a kill with every gun wins the match. Now, it could be coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends leak reveals Gun Game LTM announcements

Leaks posted on August 12 by data miner HYPERMYST revealed in-game announcements relating to ‘Gun Game’.

It says: “Attention. A team has half the points needed to win… A team has reached half the points necessary for victory… A team is five points from victory.”

The twist for Apex Legends’ version of the mode appears to be that it will be team-based, while the CoD Gun Game has always been a free-for-all in which players play solo.

It’s also not clear if the rules would be identical to Call of Duty, with Apex Legends’ team-based changes perhaps necessitating slight tweaks.

Despite the leaked audio, Gun Game won’t be confirmed until Respawn officially announce it. Plenty can change in the development process and there are bound to have been scrapped LTMs in the past that never saw the light of day.

Here’s hoping we see it at some point in Season 14, though.