Apex Legends leak claims Titanfall maps are coming for new LTM

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Titanfall 2

An Apex Legends leak has hinted that a set of Titanfall maps may arrive in a future update for a brand new LTM.

Since the release of Apex Legends back in 2019, Titanfall has had a huge impact on Respawn’s battle royale, with the devs adding features and characters directly from the previous franchise.

Whether it’s Ash, the CAR SMG, Valkyrie, or the Specters that players can battle for loot on Olympus, the Apex community loves callbacks to Titanfall and the fact that the games share the same universe.

Well, according to a set of leaks, one of the most exciting Titanfall features could be set to arrive in Apex in the near future.

Players may find themselves battling on a bunch of Titanfall’s iconic maps, as in the last patch, a set of locations were added to the files for a new LTM.

Eden Titanfall map Apex Legends
Eden, Angel City, Boneyard, and Crash Site are some of the maps in the files.

Apex Legends hints Titanfall maps could be coming

Reliable Apex Legends dataminer and YouTuber KralRindo revealed that Respawn added nine Titanfall maps to the game files in the last patch.

With Exoplanet, Homestead, Angel City, Black Water Canal, Boneyard, Crash Site, Rise, Eden, and Colony all being added, it’s certainly an exciting prospect for Titanfall fans.

While none of these locations would fit Apex’s battle royale format, it appears Respawn are planning on using them for an upcoming game mode.

For now, it’s hard to know exactly which LTM will feature the maps. However, a leak back in April did showcase a ball game LTM being played on Colony so it’s possible this is “Capture Point”.

Either way, Titanfall fans will be overjoyed to revisit the iconic maps and an LTM would be the perfect opportunity for Respawn to utilize these locations.

While the maps have been added to the files, there’s no indication of when this Titanfall mode will be added to the game.

For now, it’s just a waiting game, but fingers crossed Respawn announce their plans for the maps in the near future.

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