Apex Legends streamer can’t stop laughing at partner after funny jump scare on Twitch

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An Apex Legends streamer couldn’t help but laugh out loud at their partner’s reaction to a hilarious jump scare on Twitch.

Jump scares in Apex matches aren’t exactly a foreign concept. As players learned during the Halloween event’s Shadow Royale mode, opening supply crates can prove quite frightening from time to time.

But the scares don’t always stem from horror-inspired limited-time modes. On some occasions, the frights in Apex Legends simply arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Those who bear witness to such moments seldom miss an opportunity to have a laugh at their fellow player’s expense.

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Funny jump scare gets great reaction from Apex Legends streamer

While playing Apex with their girlfriend, Twitch streamer AusAdrianTTV’s world turned upside due to a jump scare.

Mid-conversation, when all seemed fine, the streamer’s girlfriend bellowed out a Scream Queen-worthy yelp because an enemy player took her by surprise. AusAdrianTTV couldn’t contain their response, carrying on a fit of laughter for several seconds after the fact.

The Twitch streamer shared the moment in the Apex Legends subreddit under the username of bob21150.

Several other Reddit users in the thread said they understood the girlfriend’s plight, recalling their jump scare experiences with the previously mentioned Shadow Royale event.

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Apex Legends veterans also weren’t afraid to admit that another player getting the drop on you can be quite startling.

Though the Scream Queen and streamer managed to survive the fight, the true victor in this whole ordeal was that surprised screech. One Redditor in the comments called it the “perfect comedic scream.”

Even with this year’s Halloween Event out of the way, it’s good to know Apex Legends is still able to shock unsuspecting players.