Apex Legends players still awaiting input button fix after four years

Brianna Reeves
apex legends input

It’s been over four years since Apex Legends debuted, yet console players are still waiting on improvements for input button prompts.

Like most popular online games, Apex Legends boasts more than its fair share of issues. For example, following the Spellbound launch earlier this year, players reported encountering connection errors.

Recent weeks have seen users report the occasional log-in issue and PC crash. Each of these hiccups can be addressed in minor patches, but there’s one long-standing problem that developer Respawn has yet to tackle – button inputs on console.

After four years of one button prompting at least three different functions, Apex players can’t help but wonder what’s taking so long.

Apex Legends players demand input button fix on consoles

Apex Legends fan and Reddit user shocker_103 has noted that one major problem continues to upset the moment-to-moment action after four years. The issue revolves around the fact that the function of opening/closing doors, reviving teammates, and reloading all rest on the same button for console players – X or Square.

“This problem [has been] on controllers since launch,” the Redditor wrote in a post accompanied by a short gameplay clip. The video shows a player repeatedly trying to revive a friend, though their proximity to a door results in the door constantly opening and closing instead.

Funnily enough, the clip ends with a scene from Spider-Man 3 where Dark Peter yells at his landlord about fixing a broken door.

Reddit users agree that a fix for the door input is definitely needed in Apex Legends. But some seem baffled by as to why simply holding the button wouldn’t help differentiate between the different functions.

To this, the original poster replied, “You have to hold the button to revive your teammate but the game thinks you just tapped the button so it opens [the] door first.”

Other users say they workaround this by holding the button “before any options pop up on the screen,” then approach their downed squadmate. “Yeah, you can revive a teammate who is blocking a door. Just gotta be smooth with it,” wrote someone else.

Either way, reason suggests not having three separate functions bound to one button input would solve all of these problems. But perhaps controller support for Apex Legends is more difficult to manage than players realize.

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