Apex Legends controller players discover another huge advantage over keyboard and mouse

Red Flatline being shot into a puff of smoke in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Mouse and keyboard players are even more fearful on controllers in Apex Legends, as yet another advantage for controller players is now being used, on top of aim assist.

Crossplay between console and PC on FPS games allowed players to interact for the first time, bridged gaps, and unified player bases. However, it also sparked a debate over unfair advantages.

Controller players benefit from having aim assist. The feature helps to guide a player’s crosshair on enemies, by slowing down their aim when on target, to compensate for a thumbstick’s lack of control.

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Some Apex Legends players believe controller players have an unfair leg up. Twitch streamer shroud cited players not having to compensate for recoil, and 100 Thieves NiceWigg argued controller players dominate in close-range engagements.

The 100 Thieves streamer has now also given his take on a new advantage for controller players, using Steam binds.

New advantage for Apex controller players

Longbow sniper Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The longbow is immensely strong at poking enemies from a distance.

Professional Apex Legends player Teq shared a clip of a controller player dominating thanks to the use of Steam configs, which players can alter themselves.

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NiceWigg commented on the post, asking if the movement was done with the “Steam bind stuff.”

Steam’s config feature allows players to bind WASD on a controller, opening the door for easier tap strafing. Controller players use the same controls but get the added benefit of keyboard and mouse movement capabilities.

Tap strafing provides sharper movements and harder turns than standard slide jumps, using a combination of air-strafing and bunny hopping. If done correctly your character can do a complete 180-degree turn, which is helpful in gunfights.

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Controller players having the same quick and snappy movement speed as well as aim assist makes any gunfight a nightmare for mouse and keyboard users.

Teq argued, “mnk (mouse and keyboard) is just pointless to play at this point.”

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