Apex Legends modder creates revive shield Lifeline mains have been dying for

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Lifeline revive shield

Lifeline has been out of the meta since her revive shield was removed, but an Apex Legends modder has shown us what a balanced yet upgraded passive could look like.

The last few seasons have been rough for Lifeline mains. Since the removal of the shield on her revive passive, this legend has certainly fallen out of favor.

Her Season 14 pick rate still leaves her at the number 10 spot in Apex, but having a 4.2% pick rate is a far cry from what she pulled off in early seasons. Not to mention, her pro play pick rate is almost zero.

However, an Apex Legends modder has shown us what a more balanced iteration of her long lost revive shield could look like.

Lifeline mains want their revive shield back

After the Season 9 Lifeline nerfs that removed her revive shield, longtime Lifeline mains have been begging to get her old passive back.

Despite numerous buffs to her ultimate, heal drone, and revive passive, the removal of Lifeline’s main outplay mechanic has left many disappointed.

That said, there’s a reason this mechanic got removed. One of the most upvoted posts of all time on the Apex Legends subreddit shows Lifeline using her shield to pull out 1v3s, and this is from before Lifeline’s drone automatically revived teammates while putting up an unbreakable defense.

She was really strong, but that doesn’t mean this mechanic couldn’t be balanced.

Twitter user and Lifeline main KralRindo posted some modded Apex Legends footage of what a more balanced Lifeline passive could look like. Rather than having unlimited health, this proposed shield would have 300 HP.

Mad Maggie’s ultimate would instantly destroy this shield, and 300 health wouldn’t hold up long in a firefight.

However, considering that Newcastle’s Tactical is essentially Lifeline’s shield but better, it may be difficult to justify giving Lifeline back a justifiably removed aspect of her old kit.

The very same Twitter user that posted the modded footage also poked fun at Newcastle essentially “stealing” her old passive.

Lifeline mains have been asking for some sort of shield for this character since the S9 nerf, with Apex Legends modder Archtux showing what this shield would look like if it was on her Tactical instead of her passive.

While it’s a shame that Lifeline isn’t at the top of the pick rate charts like she used to be, keeping her iconic revive shield out of the game may be for the best.

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