Apex Legends players fed up with game’s “poor” state as it bleeds users

Shane Black
Apex Legends player using FF7 Buster Sword

Apex Legends players are not happy with the current state of the game as it continues to lose players each month.

While still maintaining a large presence in the world of competitive shooters and battle royale, Apex Legends is seeing its players leaving in droves.

With other options like Warzone and Fortnite continuing to grow, the game is finding difficulty in maintaining its player base.

Now, fans are expressing their unhappiness with how the game is being run after several months of the playercount dropping.

Apex Legends players are unhappy with the “poor” state of the game as more people leave

The conversation began on the game’s subreddit, where a fan posted the player count for Apex Legends over the last four months.

The post, titled: “For the first time since Steam launch, Apex has lost players 4 months in a row,” shows that the game has been steadily losing players for a fair amount of time.

The post shows that in September 2023, the game was sitting at an average of 186,494 players. Now, it boasts a significantly smaller average of 141,182 players.

Unfortunately, the community does not seem shocked by this news at all, with the top comment saying: “Not surprised. The state of the game is poor to say the least.”

Many users seem to feel that the game prioritizes its monetization models, rather than improving the gameplay experience itself.

This is summed in a response to the comment above, where a player said: “I know what will fix it. more cosmetics that are priced higher!”

The prices of cosmetics has been an ongoing debate since Apex Legends first came out, and with Respawn seemingly keeping course on their model, the players aren’t too happy about it.

“Unfortunately this is all Apex is – a cash cow to strip out as much money as possible,” is a comment made further on in the thread.

Fans seem to be losing interest – and hope – in the game’s future, and believe that the player count dropping is a result of Respawn itself.

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