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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Halloween Fight or Fright details leaked

Published: 2/Oct/2019 4:10 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 14:03

by Isaac McIntyre


New data-mined information from the Apex Legends game files, and an achievement already in the game, has uncovered a host of details about Respawn’s upcoming Halloween Fight or Fright seasonal event that Dexerto revealed earlier this week.

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Apex Legends has just seen the release of Season 3, taking players to a new planet, dropping another character into the title, and generally overhauling much of the fast-paced battle royale’s status quo in regards to weapons and in-game equipment.

Now it seems the excitement surrounding the game in October is far from over, after recent data-mined leaks revealed further details regarding Respawn’s upcoming Halloween event.


Respawn EntertainmentA renowned data-miner has revealed more information on Apex’s upcoming Halloween event.
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The new information, shared by renowned data-miner Shrugtal on Twitter, confirms the name of the upcoming season event – ‘Fight or Fright’ – and reveals there could potentially be a new map or area titled ‘Shadowfall’ that comes with the themed release.

As well as the names, the leak also had a number of images of upcoming skins related to the event, including themed costumes for new legend Crypto, and old favorites Caustic and Bloodhound. These seem to go hand-in-hand with the ‘Franken-Gibby’ skin leaked in August.

U/TEVES3D (REDDIT)‘Franken-Gibby’ was leaked back in August, and was the first hint of a Halloween event.
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While a host of legends may be claiming Halloween skins, it looks like Lifeline fans are set to benefit the most. The newly revealed code also mentions a “Lifeline Heirloom Set” titled ‘Shock Sticks,’ which would see the medic join Wraith and Bloodhound in the exclusive club.


According to the code, the ultra-rare set will only be available to unlock for players after “obtaining and unlocking all Fight or Fright Collection Pack cosmetics” during the event.

Shrugtal: TwitterCrypto, Caustic, and Bloodhound are all set for ‘spooky’ skins in the Halloween event.
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The limited-time event also seems set to bring new enemies into the game, with mention of ‘loot bin spiders’ and ‘zombies’ both being mentioned in the code.

These creatures appear tied to certain Halloween missions, which include mandates to kill legends and ‘shadows’ in Shadowfall, as well as escape the dropship. There is also a mysterious objective which asks players to win a game as “both a legend and a shadow.”


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    While none of these leaks have been officially confirmed or denied by Respawn, who are likely busy with the Season 3 launch, the Halloween event leaks line up with the news Pathfinder’s voice actor Chris Edgerly teased when he spoke to Dexerto earlier this week.

    Now it seems like the horror-filled event is just over the horizon, and no matter if it’s a new area, a PvE event, or mainly cosmetics and costumes, it’s certainly seems like it’s going to be as creepy and as scary as Edgerly first promised.