First look at Crypto gameplay in Apex Legends show all abilities in-game

Albert Petrosyan
Respawn Entertainment

The brand new Legend Crypto is set to make his debut in Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown, and the character’s three abilities have already been revealed. 

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Crypto is one of several aspects of Apex Legends Season 3 that players are excited about, and the new Legend could quickly see itself become a fan-favorite.

He is neither an offensive or defensive force, and fits the bill as a support character, as his abilities do not offer any lethal attack or ability to defend from enemy firepower. 

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Instead, the powers are very much invested in reconnaissance and the collection of information about the surrounding areas to track down any potential enemy presence. 

Now, thanks to EA inviting some content creators out to test Season 3 prior to launch, we now know the names of all three abilities and what each one exactly does.

Reddit - Stakeboulder
The names and description’s of all three of Crypto’s Abilities.
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Crypto’s Tactical Ability – Surveillance Drone

The Tactical Ability allows Crypto to deploy a drone that can collect information about the surrounding areas. The drone is remotely controlled, so when deployed, the Legend stands still while the player can fly the mini-robot pretty much anywhere.

While controlling the drone, players can ping any enemies they see, and they will remain targeted as long as the its still in the air.

The drawbacks to this ability are that opposing players will know when they’ve been pinged, and can shoot down the drone very easily, and finding it isn’t too hard, since it lets out a continuous humming sound when active. 

IGN - YouTube
The Surveillance Drone is the key to all three of Crypto’s abilities.
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Crypto’s Passive Ability – Neurolink

The Passive Ability is also tied in with the Surveillance Drone, as it allows the controlling player and all teammates to automatically see all enemies who are within a 30 meter radius of the drone when its in the air.

The whole squad is able to see opposing players through barriers, as their outlines become highlighted whenever they’re within that distance of the drone.

IGN - YouTube
Crypto remains stationary while the drone is being manually flown.
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Crypto’s Ultimate Ability – Drone EMP

Sticking with the theme, the new Legend’s most powerful ability also involves his drone, as he is able to use it to discharge a large EMP blast.

Once the drone is activated, players can fly it to the area of their choosing, then activate an EMP charge that covers a pretty wide radius. Those hit with the blast will incur 50 point of damage to their Shield, see their movement slow down, and all traps will become disabled. 

You can check out full gameplay of Crypto, including the use of his three abilities, in the video below, courtesy of IGN

While very exciting just on its own, Crypto is not the only part of Season 3 that players have to look forward to, as Meltdown will also introduce a brand new weapon, Battle Pass, ranking system, and most importantly, the new ‘World’s Edge’ map.

Season 3 goes live on October 1, 2019, and we will continue to bring you the latest information available.