Titanfall fan reveals apparently “easy” fix for Respawn to stop hacker’s attacks

Titanfall 2Respawn Entertainment

A dedicated Titanfall fan, who has been part of the efforts to see the game made playable again by the developers amid waves of relentless DDoS attacks (or DoS attacks), claims to have found and presented a complete solution to the game’s problems.

For the better part of two years, both the first and second Titanfall games have been plagued by unplayable servers, largely due to one solitary individual, known as the hacker, who has prevented most people from getting into a match.

The attacks were strongest on the original Titanfall, but have also migrated to Titanfall 2 this year, which has been unplayable for large stretches of 2021, on various platforms.

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A lot of noise was made by the community, which got a response from the developers in April, saying that “help was coming.” And it did come – but soon after the problems were fixed, they were right back again, presumably as the hacker found a workaround.

Save titanfall in apex legendsReddit: u/Time-Sun2070
A hacker took over Apex to spread the Save Titanfall message.

Respawn has said that they only have a couple of people at the studio dedicating their time to Titanfall – news which also didn’t sit well with the players.

A solution for Titanfall?

Partly in response to this, Titanfall fan p0358 has posted what they claim to be “a full tutorial” for how Respawn can fix Titanfall.

“I’m publishing this, because I am frustrated at how they struggle to fix everything (I would fix this all within a few days had they hired me :D). And because I know they would not manage to find and fix everything from here on their own,” p0358 says.

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In the post, they outline the various issues that are exploitable, and how exactly Respawn could apparently tackle them.

In fact, they claim the fix for the DDoS attacks specifically is “easy” – “Now of course the solution to this is very simple. Just exclude the netblock connectionless packet type from the rate limiting!!! It’s that easy.”

Fix for titanfall dos codep0358
Could it be as simple as 5 lines of code?

If this makes no sense to you, that’s expected. Thankfully, this is for the technical designers at Respawn to understand, rather than us.

In closing, p0358 concludes, “I would appreciate some communication from Respawn side, letting us know when these are implemented […] Once we are really sure everything is fully fixed, the game’s population could probably be restored back to a healthy state by putting it on a free weekend, assuming that there’s enough servers to handle all these players (which is currently not the case).”

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Respawn actually threw a free weekend for Titanfall 2 earlier in 2021, which proved a huge success, and saw the player count hit over 20,000 on PC.

Since then however, there has been little to be happy about for Titanfall fans. Hopefully, this solution might actually work, but only Respawn will know for certain – if even they do.