Apex Legends glitch accidentally creates terrifying Revenant skin


A random lobby glitch in Apex Legends has accidentally created one of the most terrifying skins yet for the newly added character Revenant.

After many teasers, Apex Legends revealed that Revenant would be the newest character to enter the action in the much anticipated Season 4 update.

Many fans were eager to see test out the new Legend when the update was released, however, one player managed to experience an unusual lobby glitch which gave the new addition a terrifying look in-game.

The Unholy Beast skin is one of the most terrifying looks in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Reddit user u/Rechulas was rocking one of the Revenant’s legendary skins, Unholy Beast, when they encountered a glitch that seemed to improve on the already popular cosmetic option.

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Rechulas shared a look at what they experienced with others on the subreddit on March 6 and expressed that although it was a random glitch, it could actually make for a great skin in Apex Legends.

“Had a glitched version of the Unholy Beast, thought this could be a cool skin,” they explained, revealing the glitched character’s terrifying new appearance.

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Although Revenant’s Unholy Beast skin would be a frightening sight by itself, the glitch gave the new character a metallic look and some demonic eyes to go with it.

Despite the fact the glitch was obviously unintended, many other Apex Legends fans rallied around the idea of introducing a similar cosmetic item for Revenant.

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The glitch managed to get many mains of the new character excited about what could be next and one user even replied, claiming that it would be one of the “best skin’s ever” to be introduced in the popular battle royale title.

However, as for now, fans will just have to wait and see whether or not Respawn will choose to introduce a similar skin for Revenant in a future update.