Apex Legends fans celebrate the long-awaited return of Olympus

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Olympus was removed at the outset of Apex Legends Season 16 due to some issues with the map that were causing game crashes. Fans are rejoicing now that the map has suddenly returned.

When it was added to Apex Legends, Olympus was a breath of fresh air in comparison to King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Its sky-high setting, upscale architecture, and mix of wide open spaces and tight corridors made for some fantastic firefights.

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However, when Season 16 released, Olympus had to be removed due to a game-breaking issue with the map. This resulted in World’s Edge once again being thrust into the ranked map rotation after already being played for the better part of 2 months in the last split.

Apex Legends fans have sorely missed the map since it was removed… Until now, that is. Olympus was suddenly added back without any warning, alongside the release of the Sun Squad Collection Event.

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Olympus makes a sudden return to Apex Legends

There’s a lot to love about Olympus. From the multiple worthwhile POIs to land on to the advanced movement tech discovered by players that lets them outpace and outplay opponents, it’s no secret why this map is so highly regarded.

Years removed from Olympus being added, it’s still a fan-favorite map and one that people are always excited to play on. Where Storm Point and Broken Moon have their fair share of detractors, it’s hard to find anyone who hates Olympus.

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That made it all the more sad when the map had to be removed from Apex Legends, replaced by maps that fans were well and truly tired of playing on. However, Olympus was suddenly added back into the game.

Apex Legends fans noticed the map was right back in the ranked rotation when hopping on to check out the event. Considering ‘OLYMPUS IS BACK’ in all-caps was trending on Twitter, the return of this map may have more hype behind it than the event itself.

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Unfortunately, Olympus doesn’t have an extended stint in the ranked map rotation after it’s been gone for so long. Those who want to hop into ranked and farm RP on Olympus will have to act fast if they want to play the map before it rotates out.

Don’t worry though; it’ll be back. It seems like Olympus is right back in the rotation for the forseeable future.

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