Apex Legends exploit lets players hide in supply bins and surprise enemies

Alex Garton
Octane Revenant Apex Legends

An overpowered exploit in Apex Legends is allowing players to hide inside closed supply bins and surprise unsuspecting enemies.

Season 14 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community is enjoying all of the fresh content that’s arrived.

Whether it’s the Sniper Savant Vantage, the Kings Canyon map update, or the huge level cap increases, Respawn certainly didn’t hold back with the recent major update.

Despite this, there have been a few hiccups since the release of Hunted, and one of them involves the supply bins that can be found scattered across each of the maps.

After opening these in search of loot, some competitors have been surprised by a squad of enemies laying in wait that have managed to glitch the closed bins.

Lifeline Supply bin Apex
A new supply bin glitch allows players to close them once they’ve been opened.

Apex Legends players are glitching inside loot bins

When scavenging from a POI, it’s always worth opening every supply bin so you can maximize your power in the next gunfight.

Well, from now on, you’ll need to be on your guard when opening these bins as an exploit is allowing players to glitch inside them and surprise enemies.

The bug appears to be triggered by standing on top of a supply bin that’s backed up against a wall while opening it. This will cause the bin to close around three seconds after it’s been opened, giving players enough time to jump inside.

As showcased by Reddit user TTVSnaps, there’s very little you can do when a squad of enemies jump out of a supply bin and open fire.

While there’s no denying this is an entertaining bug, it’s definitely not fair for any players that are eliminated as a result of it.

Respawn will need to patch this issue as soon as possible before it becomes a more widely used strategy.

As a tip, make sure to look out for any guns or limbs sticking out of a bin when approaching them, it’ll give you time to prepare and fight back against any opponents laying in wait.

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