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Apex Legends devs respond to no hit registration issues in Season 5

Published: 14/May/2020 10:55 Updated: 15/May/2020 17:53

by Calum Patterson


Amid all the excitement about the launch of Apex Legends Season 5, it hasn’t been all perfect, as some nasty bugs and glitches have reared their heads, requiring the developer’s attention. A noticeable drop in hit-registration will definitely be top of their list.

In a shooter game, hit-registration is probably the most crucial aspect of gameplay to get right. Making sure that bullets actually connect with their target is fundamental, but with so many variables in an online game, it can be easier said than done.

It can also be difficult to diagnose problems, as players will often claim to be getting no registration on their shots, when really they’re just missing, but hate to admit it. However, Respawn has confirmed that there are definitely some issues with hit-reg in Season 5 of Apex Legends.

Bangalore shooting in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
You need your bullets to register if you want to have a chance in Apex Legends.

After the update went live on May 12, it didn’t take long for players to notice the problem either, and reports came flooding in on social media and Reddit.

Developers Josh Medina, a producer on Apex Legends, and Design Director Jason McCord, both responded on Twitter to confirm a fix for the “no-reg” issues was being worked on.

The time it will take to roll out a fix will likely depend on the cause of the problem, but considering how detrimental it can be to the core gameplay, it will undoubtedly be a high priority for Respawn.

As soon as the update launched for Season 5, there were technical issues right out of the gate.

Respawn were fast to address them though, after players found unlocked legends were not appearing, and even just navigating the menus were faulty. But, a fix was rolled within half an hour.


The fix for hit-registration is clearly not as straightforward though, and may take some more testing to resolve.

Due to the ongoing global situation, the entire development team are working from home, which could impact the speed of a fix.

Having said that, they still managed to promote and launch an entire new season (albeit with a week delay), so clearly they’re still up and running as they need to be, even out of the studio.

We will keep you updated as more details come on the state of hit-registration in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage make surprise return to Apex Legends

Published: 15/Jan/2021 20:15

by Theo Salaun


In an impromptu update, Respawn Entertainment have delighted Apex Legends fans by bringing back both the Kings Canyon map and the Mirage Voyage point of interest for a limited time.

The Apex community lit up with a blend of surprise and joy when users logged onto the popular battle royale and found out that Kings Canyon was reintroduced to the game’s playlist options. As an added bonus, the game’s most infamous party boat, the Mirage Voyage, also spontaneously re-emerged as a landing spot.

A common emotional accompaniment to surprise is confusion and this geographical return was not lacking in either, according to Twitter reactions. The option to play on Kings Row was originally speculated to be a mistake because the playlist choice was only showing up for some players and mysteriously appearing then disappearing for others. 

But, following an official announcement from the Apex Legends Twitter account, it’s confirmed that the returns of Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage are no mistake. In fact, they will be around for a full week.

Echoing the enthusiasm of their fans, Apex’s social media account delivered the news with a simple nod to jubilations: “It’s party time.”

And, as fans have been discovering in the brief time the map’s been made available, there are some tweaks to Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage this time around — including some notable teasers and easter eggs. 

In one such piece of subtle content, there is a voicemail left to Mirage by his mother, Evelyn Witt, which can be found on a phone or tablet device that’s been left on one of the boat’s green couches. While it’s not a groundbreaking piece of lore, it does add to the game’s longrunning storylines.

This marks the first time since August 2020 that Mirage Voyage is available to contest in Apex Legends and the first time ever that it has sailed into Kings Canyon instead of World’s Edge. This blend of returns is both a chance for nostalgia and for content overlap.

Although the new playlist option will only be available until January 21, fans will be curious to know if this means Respawn intends on continuing to spontaneously bring back limited playlist offerings in the future.