Apex Legends devs explain how Storm Point map will counter third-parties

Apex Legends Wraith Season 11Respawn Entertainment

Third parties in Apex Legends have been a frustration for players since the game’s release, but the devs have claimed the Season 11 Storm Point map is designed to solve the issue. 

While a lot of gameplay issues in Apex Legends can be solved with a patch or update, third-partying is a lot more complicated and has always been something that Respawn has struggled to solve.

For players, there’s nothing more frustrating than taking down an enemy squad, and then being immediately killed by another group that was waiting in the wings.

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This has become a particular problem on Kings Canyon, with pros even calling on the devs to make drastic changes to the way in which the map is laid out.

Luckily, Respawn appears to have taken the feedback on board and claimed that Season 11’s Storm Point is designed to counter third parties.

Apex Legends Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 11 goes live on November 2.

Respawn claims Storm Point will solve third-party problem

While Kings Canyon, Worlds Edge, and Olympus are loved by the Apex Legends community, there has been criticism about their design over the years.

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As a result, a lot of players are hoping Storm Point addresses these issues, particularly when it comes to third parties and loot distribution.

Luckily, it appears the devs have taken the feedback on board, revealing in the blog that the new tropical map is a product of studying how Apex players behave in matches and catering the map to fit their needs.

“Storm Point is the sum of two years of design work and a close study of how Apex Legends plays in public”.

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Storm Point Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point is the biggest map in Apex Legends.

Not only that, Respawn explained that a tremendous amount of thought has been put into designing the map to reduce third-party encounters, loot distribution issues, and improve combat engagement.

“There are hundreds of micro-decisions built into the map to address bad third-party encounters, optimal loot flow, and combat engagement for a better gameplay experience”.

This is incredibly exciting news for Apex players, as third-partying has been a recurring issue for the community since the title was released back in 2019.

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Only time will tell whether Storm Point will be the solution to the problem, but as the update goes live on November 2, there isn’t too long to wait.

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