Apex Legends dev wants Animal Crossing crossover skins following Switch announcement

Michael Gwilliam

With Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9, there could be all sorts of crossover potential. When it comes to Animal Crossing, one developer already has some ideas lined up.

EA revealed that Apex Legends would finally be coming to Nintendo Switch back on June 18, 2020. Now, after a lot of delays, the game finally has a release in sight, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

Of course, a Switch release could lead to some unique opportunities for both companies to cross-promote their individual franchises. For developer Josh Medina, this could mean Animal Crossing skins.

Shortly after the Switch release date reveal, Medina jokingly tweeted: “Tom Nook Gibby Skin WHEN?”

It’s unclear if he meant a Gibraltar skin for Tom Nook or a Tom Nook skin for Gibraltar, but the way we see it, why not both?

Seeing Gibraltar run around the map while dressed as a giant raccoon could be downright amazing. Likewise, having Gibraltar run the Resident Services building would be a funny sight to behold.

Amusingly, pro football player Kieren Duncan even chimed in with his own suggestions of Mario Caustic, Yoshi Octane, and Zelda Wattson.

Gibraltar from Apex Legends
Could you imagine Gibraltar dressed as Tom Nook?

It’s important to note that Switch ports of popular games have had their own exclusive cosmetics in the past.

When Rocket League came to the Nintendo platform, special Mario, Luigi and Samus cars were automatically unlocked for Switch users. For, with that history in mind, having a Tom Nook version of Gibraltar doesn’t sound too ridiculous.

While the focus may be on Animal Crossing at the moment, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of other Switch titles crossing over with Apex Legends.

Mario and Luigi rocket league skins
Switch ports have gotten exclusive content before, such as with Rocket League.

One such game is the ever-popular Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai has even said he “enjoys playing Apex Legends” in a March 2020 Famitsu column.

Even if this doesn’t lead to an Apex fighter, there is still the possibility of some sort of in-game event to celebrate the two games.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds for Apex and Nintendo as we inch closer towards its long-anticipated release on March 9.

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