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Octane’s full face revealed in new Apex Legends lorebook: Pathfinder’s Quest

Published: 2/Feb/2021 16:49 Updated: 3/Feb/2021 10:36

by Alex Garton


With Octane being one of only two fully masked Legends in Apex, the community has always wondered what ‘The Adrenaline Junkie’ looks like beneath his mask and goggles. Well, the release of Pathfinder’s Quest Book has finally given players the long-awaited face reveal they’ve been asking for.

Since his release in Season 1, Octane has been a fan-favorite legend. His kit’s combination of enhanced movement and outright speed make him the perfect character for any player looking to aggressively take on gunfights.

On top of this, Respawn has done an amazing job of making him an incredibly likable character with a great set of voice lines. His positive and hyped-up attitude towards everything he faces in the Apex Games has always made him popular.

Despite all this – we’ve never actually seen what he looks like. Well, we’ve finally got our answer.

Octane poseOctane was released into Apex Legends on March 19, 2019.

Octane’s face reveal

If you’ve ever played Apex Legends and encountered Octane, you’ll know the energetic daredevil wears a green and black mask that completely covers his face. This has left players to speculate on his eye color, hair, and facial structure, but now, Respawn has finally released a photo of Octane without his mask.

The picture of the Legend is found in the Pathfinder’s Quest book, released on February 2.

Octane's real face

The reception to the reveal has been mixed – but the majority agree that Respawn has nailed Octane’s appearance. For some, the inclusion of subtle imperfections in his facial features has made him a more believable and realistic character.

“He looks great! I love the little imperfections, it makes him look more believable and human,” one user wrote. Another player even expressed that he was exactly how he imagined he’d look: “Exactly like I’d imagine a crazy adrenaline b*****d like him.”

At the end of the day, as with any character’s face reveal, you’re not going to be able to please everybody. Fortunately, Respawn’s design of Octane’s face appears to have gone down well with the community overall. The question is, when is it Bloodhound’s turn to take off the mask?

You can get the Pathfinder’s Quest book from Amazon, available now.

Apex Legends

First Caustic Town Takeover teaser appears in Apex Legends

Published: 24/Feb/2021 2:00

by Alan Bernal


A teaser for Caustic’s Town Takeover in Apex Legends has appeared on Kings Canyon, giving players a mixed bag of hype and dread for what the Toxic Trapper’s event will play like.

Respawn likes to give their Legends a turn in the spotlight with Town Takeovers that transform a point of interest (POI) in the battle royale to emulate a given character. We’ve seen ones for Octane, Mirage, and Bloodhound, just to name a few.

As the studio makes its way through their catalogue of Legends, there’s always an atmosphere of renewed excitement for who will get the next Town Takeover going into a season.

If previous leaks are to be believed, Season 8’s Town Takeover is centered around Caustic and plenty of teasers should be in the game soon.

Apex Legends Caustic Town Takeover teasers

Apex Legends’ loading screen shows Caustic walking then stopping to overlook the Crash Site location on Kings Canyon. This updated animation came out on February 23, the same day that the Apex data mining community expected to see it.

In early February, a schedule for ‘s08_tt_teaser_phases’ was leaked which pointed to Tuesday the 23rd as the first date people should expect to find the opening teaser.

As it turns out, not only were players greeted with the new loading screen, but some matches are actually rendering a Caustic on the Apex Arena.

Reddit user ‘kittycakekats’ posted a video that shows the character in the same place that he’s seen in the loading screen, only you can’t interact with him.

Went to where caustic is in the loading screen hint, caustic is there?! My friend couldn’t see him. [email protected] take over from apexlegends

Nothing else about the in-game Caustic model suggests there are other teasers or easter eggs to find, but it’s fueling the hype for a Town Takeover all the same.

With all of the discussion going around the Legend, there’s people excited to see what a Caustic Town Takeover would play like. However, players that aren’t loving how strong he is at the moment are dreading to see how toxic the event will be.

According to the schedule, we can expect the next in-game teaser to appear on Feb. 25, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one too.