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Apex Legends dev hints at more vehicles on other maps in the future

Published: 2/Feb/2021 14:08

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have considered the possibility of vehicles coming to other maps aside from Olympus in the future, and it might not just be the Trident. 

Different battle royales have experimented with the addition of vehicles in the past – going from the realistic cars of PUBG, to the wild and wacky shopping carts in Fortnite. 

With the launch of the new Olympus map in Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn joined in the vehicular fun by adding the Tridents hovercars. They haven’t quite shifted the meta and become a key part in winning in the Apex Games, but they’re fun nonetheless. 


As a result, players have speculated that we might see new vehicles moving forward – including introducing them to Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. That won’t be the case in Season 8: Mayhem, but it might be in the future.

Apex Olympus vehicles
Respawn Entertainment
Trident vehicles can be found on Olympus and Olympus only.

Ahead of the launch of Apex’s eighth season, Jason McCord, the design director at Respawn, spoke to RockPaperShotgun about the possibility of adding more vehicles as well as tweaking the existing Tridents. 

“The vehicles were tuned very specifically to Olympus, but we did test it on other maps just for fun to see what they were like,” McCord noted. “If we were to try and bring the Trident over we’d have to make a lot of adjustments to the other maps.”


Though, the change wouldn’t be coming anytime soon. “It’d be way in the future, but we’re all excited about the idea,” the Respawn design director added.

Some spots on Kings Canyon would be better for vehicles than others.

Both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon have gone through significant changes in the past, with the pair having parts where vehicles just wouldn’t be useful.

Kings Canyon has been totally remodeled in Season 8, with a new section added to the map, and some existing POIs wiped out.

The two maps would both need a bit of a facelift to make vehicles worthwhile, but there’s always the possibility of a fourth map in the distant future. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.