Apex Legends dev debunks ‘leaked’ Rampart abilities

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer y770CzB5]Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello has debunked rumors about Rampart’s previously ‘leaked’ abilities, noting that they’re pretty old. 

Ever since the first season of Apex Legends, there have been numerous leaks and rumors about the new legends that Respawn has lined up – including their supposed abilities, concept art, and more.

As the hype is building for season six, fans of the battle royale are expectant of a new legend. Previous leaks have suggested that it would be either the ‘Valk/Nova’ character or the long-awaited Rampart

However, if it is to be Rampart, the character won’t be coming with the previously leaked abilities that have had fans raise an eyebrow as Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello put those rumors to bed.

Rampart has been a part of Apex leaks since season one.

The writer had been tweeting with fans about the future of the battle royale – noting that there is some juicy Lifeline lore in the works and that the devs even have content that will be in the game in two years time.

After one fan was called out for interrupting his impromptu Q & A with the ‘leaked’ abilities for Rampart – which includes the eye-brow raising mounted machine gun ultimate – Casiello quickly fired back.

“He has the balls to reply with *old* leaked content,” the writer said. “Watch. Next, I bet he tells you Revenant’s original name was Nomad.”

Given that the writer dismissed these abilities as being old, it would appear as Rampart is still coming at some point down the line, but with all-new abilities. 

What they would be, however, is anyone’s guess. Leakers have been spot on with finding out the abilities before legends are introduced – with Loba being the most recent example of that. So, it’ll be a case of wait and see if they can get their hands on more concrete files about the upcoming legends.