Apex Legends working on streamer mode & “significant changes” in Season 6

Connor Bennett
Loba in Apex Legends season five

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Apex Legends developer Josh Medina has said “significant changes” are coming in Season 6 as well as confirming they’re working on an “improved streamer mode” to help out content creators.

With Apex Legends’ fifth season winding down, fans of the battle royale title have been speculating about what is coming next when season six finally gets underway. There are plenty of rumors about a new character – mainly, Rampart – and even the possibility of a brand new map to explore.

Though Respawn and the Apex team have remained pretty tight-lipped on what is coming next, fans have been trying to find clues – in or out of the game. 

After quizzing a number of developers to try and drop a few hints, Josh Medina, a producer at Respawn, has hinted at big changes.

Olympus in Apex Legends
This is an artist’s impression of Olympus, made for Loba’s trailer.

Responding to SoaR’s Kobi, an Apex Legends streamer, Medina promised that “stuff is coming” for the ‘dog days of summer’ before expanding on his one-sentence answer with a few more hints for season six. 

“Hopefully the stuff that’s coming helps motivate, cause there is gonna be some significant changes that should shake things up,” the Respawn dev tweeted, noting that streamers should finally get their long sought after streamer mode in the future as well.

“And yes, an improved streamer mode is on Josh’s list of stuff to push to the team but we got hands full with season 6 and 7.”

Currently, streamer mode will block out the names on other players, replacing them with generic names like Bangalore2050. Some streamers have asked that it extends to blocking your own name from view to others as well, to prevent stream sniping.

While the streamer mode is pretty self-explanatory – streamers should be able to hide their names to avoid stream sniping – the “significant changes” hint is little more up in the air.

That could easily be new mechanics, sweeping changes to the roster of Legends, or a new map that really blows everyone away. A new map has been heavily hinted at by Respawn themselves. 

However, fans will just have to keep an eye on what the devs tease closer to the start of season six.

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