Apex Legends dev confirms fix coming for reload bug in Season 15

Crypto on zipline in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that a fix is coming for the reload glitch that has plagued Season 15, especially when it comes to games on Broken Moon.

The start of Apex Legends Season 15 has brought about some massive changes to the battle royale, with the arrival of both Catalyst and the new Broken Moon map.

While players have been excited about the changes, diving into games on the new battle royale’s newest setting, a few issues have reared their heads in the new season. The biggest of which has related to matchmaking, as well as constant freezing during matches on console.

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If you’re a controller player, you’ll also be aware of another issue – an inability to reload. This has especially been prominent on Broken Moon, but it’s not just limited to that map either, with players saying it has also occurred on Olympus.

Apex Legends broken reload issue will be fixed soon

Essentially, if you don’t know, the issue revolves around players being unable to reload while inside or near a doorway. Instead of reloading a weapon, the prompt to mess with the door takes over.

It’s frustrated many players, including Apex pros Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona and Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, who both flagged it on Twitter. “I’m losing my mind over here,” said Snip3down.

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Thankfully, Respawn’s Josh Medina – a senior producer on Apex Legends – confirmed that it will be addressed soon. “Gonna be a part of hotfix patch soon,” he replied on November 10.

With it being a hotfix, it’ll likely not be announced by Respawn as to when it goes live, nor will players probably have to download anything on their side.

It’s not the only thing that the devs have stated they’re fixing when it comes to Broken Moon. Some players have flagged issues with vegetation swallowing bullets and invisible walls stopping grenades from reaching their target. Though, they will be sorted before long, thankfully.

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