Apex Legends dev confirms fix for unbalanced matchmaking is coming

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An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Respawn is working on a fix for unbalanced matchmaking in Season 15.

Season 15 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community is enjoying all of the new content that arrived in Eclipse.

Whether it’s the Defensive Conjurer Catalyst, the impressive Broken Moon map, or the long-awaited gifting feature, Respawn certainly knocked it out of the park with the major update.

Despite this, there are still a lot of fundamental problems that the community is desperate to see fixed, with one of the main issues being unbalanced matchmaking. In the current system, low-ranked players are regularly placed against Diamond, Master, and Preds in pubs.

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Well, a dev has finally responded to the community’s complaints and confirmed that Respawn is working on a solution.

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Matchmaking has been a major issue for players in the last few seasons.

Apex Legends dev confirms matchmaking issues are being fixed

On November 8, Apex Legends player Optimacy117 took to Twitter to reveal that they’d been placed against a Master competitor in pubs.

While this would be fine if they were an extremely high rank, Optimacy is currently sitting at Bronze 2 and was immediately wiped out by the enemy.

This caused a lot of frustration for them as they stood no chance when pit up against such a highly-skilled player, so they decided to tag Respawn.

In response, Technical Director Samy Duc replied to the tweet, revealing that the team “are on it” and looking for a solution.

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While no further details were provided by the dev, this is great news for the community as unbalanced matchmaking has been a major issue for a long time.

For a lot of players, jumping into a match and getting stomped by their opponents puts them off logging onto Apex, as it’s impossible to have fun.

Hopefully, Respawn shares more details on the matchmaking changes they’re working on ahead of Season 16, as it would be a hugely positive boost for the community.