Apex Legends CAR SMG ironsight is actually broken

Alex Garton
Apex Legends CAR SMG

Apex Legends players have discovered an alignment issue with the CAR SMG’s ironsight reticle, making it harder to hit shots and track opponents while firing.

Since releasing on November 2, Apex Legends Season 11 has been overwhelmingly popular with the community. From the tropical Storm Point map to the deadly new Legend Ash, Escape seems to have delivered when it comes to new content and features.

However, as with every major update, a number of bugs and issues have slipped through the cracks and one seems to be affecting the new CAR SMG.

After testing the weapon’s ironsight, a player realized that the center of the screen doesn’t align with the gun’s reticle.

Valkyrie Season 11 skin CAR
The CAR SMG arrived with the Season 11 update.

CAR SMG’s ironsight reticle broken in Apex Legends

Reddit user Ol-CAt decided to do some tests on the CAR SMG’s ironsight after they felt the weapon wasn’t as accurate as it should be.

Blacking out the background and tracking the reticle in comparison to the center of the screen, Ol-CAt realized that the two are not in sync.

This means although a player is aiming at an enemy, the reticle may not have registered in time, leading to missed shots.

It’s worth noting that this only affects the CAR SMG while using the ironsight, as any optics immediately fix the issue.

After posting the evidence to the Apex Legends subreddit, a lot of users were skeptical, suggesting that this may be intended as the weapon is an SMG and not a pinpoint accurate sniper.

In response, Ol-CAt referenced a thread that they posted over two years ago showcasing a fix Respawn made to a similar issue with the Flatline and a few other weapons.

As the devs have implemented a patch for this before, it suggests that the CAR ironsight is not operating as intended.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see whether a fix is added in a later patch, or if Respawn has deliberately designed the base CAR to be less accurate.

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