Every Apex Legends ability that can be used on Trident vehicles

Apex Legends TridentRespawn Entertainment

Along with all of the new content in Apex Legends Season 7, the Trident vehicles have definitely stolen the show, but only a few Legends can use their abilities while driving them around Olympus.

Introduced at the start of Season 7, Tridents are the first-ever vehicles to be added in Apex Legends. The triple-seated hovercraft spawns at certain locations around Olympus and can get you where you need to go in a flash, making them perfect for those long rotations to a circle that’s starting to shrink.

Because you can’t run over enemies with the Trident to rack up eliminations as you might do in other games, abilities are the next best shot at snagging kills while zipping around the new Apex Legends map.

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However, as we’ve had plenty of time to experiment and mess around with this new toy, it has quickly become clear that not every Legend can pull out their special moves while riding on one.

Apex Legends TridentRespawn Entertainment
The Trident has enough room for your whole squad to roll around in.

As we saw in the gameplay trailer, Rampart’s ultimate – the minigun known as Sheila — can be placed at the back of the Trident and operated as sort of a poor man’s Warthog. The only drawback is that it can only fire forwards, so you do have to keep enemies in your field of view.

Here are all of the abilities that can be used when onboard one of these vehicles:

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  • Rampart’s Ultimate – Can be placed at the back of the Trident
  • Caustic Traps – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Lifeline Drone – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Crypto Drone – Can be used while riding as a passenger on the trident
  • Gibraltar Dome – Can be placed on the middle section of the Trident
Blisk could just be endorsing Rampart for the Apex Games because she's good entertainment.Respawn Entertainment
Sheila goes great when paired with a Trident, giving Rampart a lot of potential in Season 7.

While Caustic’s gas traps can be placed all over, you will need to get close enough to an enemy to trigger them. Lifeline’s DOC, Crypto’s drone, and Gibraltar’s dome shield can also be used while riding on the Trident.

Other Legends like Horizon and Octane can use their Gravity Lift and Launch Pad to affect the hovercraft, but if you try and put either of them on top of it, they’ll just fall off. This also goes for Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon, which won’t stick either.

All in all, however, there seems to be a decent amount of balance in terms of what can and can’t be used on a Trident. It remains to be seen whether or not Respawn will add to this list, but it’s clear that the developers were very careful when planning all this out so that the vehicles don’t end up becoming too powerful.

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